Still Fuming Over Ozzie Alonso’s Red Card

Just rewatch the footage. It’s a simple sequence of events: Will Bruin kicks out on Ozzie twice (or rather 1.5 times ’cause the first one was such a limp little attempt), Ozzie get pissed and marches over to get in Bruin’s grill. Bruin doesn’t just bark back, but grabs Ozzie: first by the arm and then the scruff of the neck, and he does not let go. Bruin has has 3 inches and 35 pounds on Ozzie, who swipes at Bruin’s face. The fight is broken up. Bruin milks the “hands to face.” Ozzie gets the red. Totally infuriating.

  • pacjake

    That’s why you always walk away from this foul. Ozzie pursues play, maybe he helps something happen in the attacking third and Bruin still gets the yellow. But if he takes a swing, no matter what else happens, he’s getting a red. Dammit, Ozzie.

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