Seattle Sounders vs. Montreal Impact Matchday

The Seattle Sounders will lose their next four games, or so I dreamed last night.

It was a real bummer of a dream, a nightmare in fact. I often don’t remember my dreams, so when I do I imagine them especially prescient. I saw Seattle dropping the next four games and going into their next bye at 0-7. But… they Sounders don’t have a bye 5 weeks from now, so it was a dream, right?

Bold Prediction: I have been trying to be all objective with these bold predictions and guessing at draws and losses. Screw that. The Sounders win 3-0!!

Honestly, I don’t know a dang thing about the Montreal Impact (and clearly I’ve been swamped on the home front and not blogging/researching as much I’d like), so my above prediction is just ignorant homerism.


I just checked the lineups and saw Remick and Kovar are starting… making my prediction even more… ambitious. C’mon

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