Seattle Sounders Fall to Flopping ‘Caps

The Seattle Sounders got jobbed by the Vancouver Whitecaps and Referee Mark Geiger 2-1 on Saturday night.

As a fan I trend to the mammal brain. I yell loudly in the stadium (oftentimes direct invectives at refs or opposing players (usually embarrassing my wife)), I embrace unbridled hate for my rivals and I relish, with a deep soul rattling release, a victory.

As a blogger I try to be bit more objective. I try not to truck in conspiracy or pettiness. I certainly represent a Seattle perspective, but I am a journalist of sorts. I have a sacred duty of reportage to uphold.


Saturday night’s loss has me livid. Vancouver played the most cynical game of soccer that I’ve ever seen. Both teams were hungry, but Vancouver resorted to outright thuggery. The called fouls, 20-14, look only slightly lopsided but don’t tell the story. Vancouver often got away with murder.

This wasn’t a foul:

This wasn’t a yellow:

This wasn’t a red:


And Vancouver flopped early and flopped often. This worked to even the tally. There were four goal kicks in a row late in the second half where Ousted would boot it for Blas Perez, Perez would hop and flop and Geiger would whistle the spot. It was like clockwork, Ousted to Perez to grass to whistle. Wham-bam.

All of this could be chalked up to a sloppy game and a bad ref, but what really chaffs my craw is what Vancouver coach Carl Robinson said postgame:

We showed a bit of grit and determination. They’re knockered a bit and they’ve got ice packs all over them, and that’s what you need to do in this game.

That is disgusting and cynical. Robinson coached his team to foul. He coached his time to punch, grab, tackle and “knocker” us, because “that what you need to do.” That is straight out of the Vermes book of coaching.

Robinsons is probably still salty after limping out of the playoffs last season, but c’mon man. I actually kinda used to respect the ‘Caps as one of the teams that did it right. Now they are just another disciple to the art of flopoonery.

Say what you want about the Sounders, but they take the pitch to play soccer. Not to play hurt.  You can’t say the same thing about Vancouver.

  • Friar Tuck

    I’m not making any excuses for the ‘Caps or Carl Robinson’s coaching, but I think in his quote he’s trying to refer to his own team being “knockered” up. I could be wrong though, tough to tell out of context.

    • Mrs. Ravinggreen

      Hm, maybe… I will agree that that reading did occur to me, but it’s weird how he switches from “we” in the first sentence to “they” in the second sentence, yes? And, more importantly, even if he did mean that it was his team that was beat up, they were such total flopoons… I expected classier play from those Canadians!

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