Seattle Sounders Bow Out of CCL at Azteca

Not their most inspiring performance, as the Seattle Sounders fell 3-1 to Club America. Lordy I hate when I predict these losses (though I feel duty-bound by the code of bloggers to do my damnedest to boldly predict), and thus Seattle’s shot at CCL glory ends at 5-3 on aggregate in storied Estadio Azteca. Ugh.

You have to tip your hat to America, they are a fine tuned soccer machine. After fighting and scrapping to stay level, we took first blood. We had popped Goliath and could take command of the game, but America responded definitively. They pushed the ball upfield at lighting speed and clinically finished. Again. Their ability to quickly transition is the difference between Liga MX and MLS. America was quicksilver last night. Their last goal, Aguilar crossing past three defenders and Andrade one-timing it past the keeper?, sheesh. Tip your cap and move along.

And so the 2015/16 CCL campaign ends with a whimper for the boys. Though I am grateful we got this far. In the middle of The Drought last summer, in a helluva dogfight in our group, we were not guaranteed to advance. We persevered and earned this #1 vs #8 matchup. We acquitted ourselves well, putting three up on a powerhouse and keeping the scorelines respectable. We had the best showing of any of the MSL sides, a draw and a loss, with goals in both games. And hell, it was great to play at Azteca, one of the churches of American soccer.

Quick takes:

  • Jordan Morris looked kind a like a player to get excited about. He was fast and smart and on the whole, very goal dangerous.
  • Dempsey was effectively taken out of the game. Bogged by three America defenders, he had no time to create.
  • Ozzie is back baby!! He was destroying the midfield and cycling the attack with 95% passing. If only he can stay healthy into November.
  • Friberg didn’t have his best night, some heavy touches and a lack of vision at times.
  • Sigi seems damned and determined to rotate Kovar in regularly. This is a big ask of the young gun and we’ll see in 2016 if he is ready for prime time.

The Sounders now have no more distractions before kicking off the MSL season against SKC Sunday night in primetime. See you on the terraces.


  • pacjake

    Freudian typo? “You have to tip your hate to America…”

    • Ha! Must’ve been. The slip may have been fueled by a minor Twitter exchange with a America supporter last night 😉

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