Bold Prediction: Seattle Sounders vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

Seattle Sounders Matchday! Hopefully today’s the day we get off the schneid, though the Vancouver Whitecaps are equally eager to grab 3 points.

I apologize for my absence from the blogosphere as of late. I have been tussling with another bout of forever cold. I’ve only had the strength to sleep, cough and binge Agents of Shield. I’m finally getting my strength up and Mrs. Ravinggreen and I will be in Sodo this evening looking for Seattle’s first win.

It is a big game for Seattle. Much has been made about how both clubs are desperate, but I’d argue the Sounders are hungrier for points. We’ve lost to two Western Conference foes (and those are, even in March, always 6 pointers). The ‘Caps loss to Montreal may sting, but won’t further affect the playoff race. Though Who wants it more? never means anything, much to the chagrin of the neo-Platonists. This game, like most, will be won by the team that plays better and gets the lucky bounce.

Both teams have been sloppy this year. Vancouver’s given up a crap ton of goals. The ‘Caps should have a terrific defense with Watson and Parker always in the thick of things, but they’ve hemorrhaged 5 goals in only two games. Chances are Seattle should finally find some joy after scoring just a single goal so far.

Bold Prediction: The Cascadia Cup rivalry starts early and Seattle looks to defend their only silverware from 2015.

Spoiler alert: Vancouver has long won with the counter. The Sounders have always struggled against the counter.

Vancouver has fallen behind 2-0 before the 42nd minute in both of their games this year. They are not built to win that way. The ‘Caps want their defense to keep them even and then pounce when their opponent overextends to attack. When the ‘Caps fall behind by a significant margin, their opponent can tighten up and strangle the counter.

Looking to establish their identity, Seattle will attack the ‘Caps. Unfortunately this plays to Vancouver’s strengths. The Sounders are again weak up the gut, missing Evans and Friberg. Zach Scott and his lack of fleet feet terrifies me against a team hungry to counter.

I want to call a win, I really do. But Seattle hasn’t shown me they’ve put it all together yet. Sounders and ‘Caps draw 1-1.

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