Seattle Sounders: Older, Wiser, Winners

Your Seattle Sounders came back in thrilling fashion to beat FC Dallas 2-1 last night in a packed house in Sodo.

The Sounders are making a habit of winning dangerously, with late goals to take their last two games. Sunday night’s was even more dramatic as the Sounders were chasing the game for over an hour. But the boys never lost their heads (despite the piss poor and inconsistent referring of Kevin Stott) or their heart. Not an easy task for old legs playing their third “make-or-break” game in 8 days.

The easy narrative for this series is youth (Dallas) versus experience (Seattle). Dallas was who we thought they were: fast and goal-dangerous. Fabian Castillo’s quick-as-snakes counter in the 18th minute exemplified that. And for much of the first half, Dallas’s pace was terrifying. When even our youngest (and arguably fastest) player on the pitch, leftback Oniel Fisher, was being torched by Barrios’s screaming runs, it looked like youth would be served.

But the Sounders’ boatloads (yacht-loads?) of veteran experience was apparent in both Ivanschitz’s “I will take this ball, dribble 30 yards up field and finish. All. By. Myself.” strike and Dempsey’s superlative technique on his free kick goal. Those two men have played soccer at the highest levels for a very long time. When they needed to make the game bend to their will, they did. No stage is too big for them.

Next week is huge in Frisco. We gave up an away goal, but we’re carrying a lead. All we need is a result, and we’ll be in the all-Cascadia Western Conference Finals.


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