Seattle Sounders Stuck in the Blob

The Seattle Sounders dropped points on Sunday at SKC. With an opportunity to separate from the blob of contenders and ascend to their rightful place atop the West’s pantheon.

Seattle rolled out the thunder in the Cauldron. Sigi started Ivanschitz in an attacking four with the three DPs. It wasn’t enough. Deuce, whose always been a streaky scorer, couldn’t finish. His two open looks were frustratingly close, especially considering L.A. and Portland both won.

I was really hoping Seattle could move up to the #2 spot and earn a bye in the playoffs. That is still a possibility, but time is running out.


Hi Raving Readers. I apologize for the shirt and intermittent posts lately. Me schedule has been nuts lately and eating into my writing time. Thanks for your patience.

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