Seattle Sounders: Dylan Remick vs. Oneil Fisher

The Seattle Sounders are flying to Houston today en route to Tegucigalpa. The team has a two-day journey before meeting CD Olimpia in Wednesday night’s CONCACAF Champions League match.

Sigi is accompanying, what we assume to be, a reserve-minded squad to Honduras while assistant coaches stay behind and train with the A team in front of this weekend’s (enter adjective here) derby with the Portland Timbers. From sleuthing the tweets, I’ve deduced that Marco Pappa, Gonzalo Pineda and Damion Lowe are all headed to Honduras. I am gravy with this selection so far.

I was less gravy with the selection Sigi fielded in Utah last weekend. Though Sigi selected 10 of the 11 starters who destroyed Orlando City, Seattle’s left side was a mess against Salt Lake. Aaron Kovar played LM in front of Oneil Fisher. Kovar, as I said, acquitted himself well. He kept finding people in dangerous spaces against RSL. The light is finally turning on for him and his passing accuracy is starting to match his IQ and vision. After his monster performance against Olimpia (that cross bar did him dirty), I could’ve endorsed him starting at RSL. But not in front of Fisher.

I don’t get the Oneil Fisher love. Yes he’s adequate in 1v1 defending and yes, he has pace to burn. But his positioning and situational awareness have been garbage lately. He was great against Philly earlier this summer, then poor against Portland. Sure he’ll continue developing. Fisher is young and so his streakiness isn’t a surprise. But the Sounders, finally getting healthy, don’t need a streaky, leaky leftback when the games get tight. They need someone solid and dependable.

Dylan Remick had seemingly earned an unquestioned starting spot. He was plugged into the 11 in early April and started 13 of the next 14 games. Then Fisher started getting spot starts and since, Remick has only started 4 of the last 9. Hmmmmm. I know the young man from Brown isn’t the sole catalyst here, but we’ve been pretty stinky over the last 9 and we were smoking good from April ‘til June. Coincidence? I know this reasoning flies in the face of solid statistical analysis, but this is a juicy bit of anecdotal evidence.

Actually I can see why Fisher earned some starts. Our offense had flatlined and he is a fast, attack-minded player. We needed width and more dangerous options going towards goal in July and early August. I get it. But with Oba, Valdez, Friberg and Evans together we have a goal-dangerous attack again. We don’t need to swap defense for pace with our fullbacks.

Kovar, still so raw, in front of Fisher, still so raw, created a loosey gooesy leftside for RSL to exploit. And exploit they did. I don’t know if Remick farted in Sigi’s closet, but I’d sure like him starting again pronto.


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