Colorado Rapids at Seattle Sounders

In Sodo, on fake turf turf, the Seattle Sounders will once again test their depth and supporters’ nerves. The Colorado Rapids are another potential “very beatable but beat us in frustrating fashion opponent.

BOLD PREDICTION: The Rapids attack has benefitted from the recent lineup change. The Sounders lineup is always changing. Draw 1-1.

  • pacjake

    Let’s look at this week’s positives. You used the phrase “acquitted themselves like drunken sloths” last posting, which has brought much amusement. And…um…we got lots of opportunity to practice calming breathing techniques?

    • thanks man! I was a big fan of that old youtube video: sloths!

    • Yeah… the positives keep getting slimmer around these parts. I’ll try to spice things up with more silly similes of inebriated simians (are sloths simians?).

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