Seattle Sounders Lose to The Philadelphia Union

The Seattle Sounders continued their recent slide losing 1-0 to the Philadelphia Union last night. Seattle has now lost 3 of their last 4, 3 straight in all competitions.

This loss hurts. The Union stink and even they got the better of a depleted Seattle side. Granted, the Sounders started three debutantes in Jimmy Ockford, Oneil Fisher and Aaron Kovar. Expectations weren’t high, as this was the most JV lineup Sigi’s been forced to field yet. I want to say that blooding the young’uns now will pay dividends later. I want to say that, but all I can think about is how crappy Sounders soccer has been lately.

The only bright spot was the play of Fisher. He looks like a real gamer. He was pacey and confident, and the moment wasn’t too big for him. This may seem like hyperbole, but I remember having the same thoughts when Yedlin first entered the lineup. I’m not trying to saddle Fisher with unfair expectations, but we need some of this kids to step up and surprise. Maybe Fisher can deliver.

As for the other newbs, Ockford was abused at times and Kovar has yet to really impress me. I can somewhat forgive Ockford, as he was playing with an unfamiliar CB partner in Zach Scott. But I keep waiting for Kovar to change into a player who is challenging the 18, and he always disappoints. If he wants to show Sigi he belongs, now is the time.

It’s only going to get harder. I’d have loved Seattle to have stolen some sort of result from San Jose or Philadelphia. These were the easy games. Next up is Portland. Then LA. We have to stop the bleeding, but with the Gold Cup fast approaching and Oba not miraculously healed, I don’t see how. Unless we, maybe, I don’t know, borrow Jordan Morris. Klinsy isn’t using him.


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