Seattle Sounders Tiki Taka Over Vancouver Whitecaps

The Seattle Sounders took a commanding lead in the Cascadia Cup rankings beating the Vancouver Whitecaps 2-0 Saturday.

Though early in the season, this was a fabulous result for many reasons: a Western Conference six-pointer, the aforementioned Cascadia implications, grabbing 6 points on a 3 game road trip and Hydra is back. With Obafemi Martins sidelined, Seattle just called in their other brace-capable striker, Chad Barrett. Now Clint, Oba, Neagle and Barrett have opened accounts and are looking for interest.

We also shook the Vancouver bugaboo. Seattle was 0-4-1 against the ‘Caps in their last five and had never (?!) won at BC Place. The Supporters’ Shield and 4th Open Cup were historic last season, but c’mon guys, first win at BC Place!!

The best part of Saturday’s win was the 25-pass (31?) sequence that culminated in Barrett’s second goal. Seattle’s midfield dominance, shortly on the heels of the 18-pass sequence in the bandbox of Yankee Stadium, is transcending the league. I don’t want to get things out of proportion here, but the Sounders are starting to look like tiki taka jedis. The ball movement may be square-ish and lack dynamism, but in both NYC and YVR, the Sounders camped out in the midfield and owned the ball. They kept exchanging easy pass and lulled their opponent to sleep while constantly recycling the attack and waiting for a good run. Then they struck.

Behold (and yes it’s annoying the camera cuts away here right at the key pass, missing Pappa’s assist to Barrett):

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