Seattle Sounders: Number One in The Hood

The Seattle Sounders picked up where they left off last season, running and gunning and winning. A 3-nil thrashing of the Eastern Conference champion New England Revolution is a helluva way to start a season. And an even better way to kickstart a quest for MLS Cup. And no, it is not too early to start talking MLS Cup.

Game 1 Quick Takes:

As expected, the attack is just as potent (Hail Hydra!) as last year. Deuce and Oba did what Deuce and Oba do: dance, dance, revolution.

At least for one game, the defense looked better than expected. Way better. And that is surprising considering we revamped half of the backline. Bumbly moments aside, Brad Evans, tuckered out from coast-to-coast labor negotiating, acquitted himself quite well as a CB. And Tyrone Mears was a revelation at rightback. “Yedlin who?” would be sacrilege, but Mears deserves his own post. And of course Chad Marshall and Leo were their regular superlative selves.

Marco Pappa, how I love thee, let me count the ways:

    1. Goal creator
    2. Pesky Defender
    3. Fearless attacker
    4. Fancy Dancer
    5. And I said it yesterday: best left foot in the league.

He may not be the very best on set pieces, but he’s top five, and combined with his slippery assists in space and contributions to the attack, Pappa has the best left foot in MLS. Period (sorry Houstonians).

The young bucks got blooded. Cristian Roldan made his MLS debut and Aaron Kovar earned more precious first-team minutes. It was garbage time, sure, but real game action experience is priceless for a young player’s development.

More on the young guns tomorrow in Part 2 of my Sounders Season Preview/Overview. Until then, look who’s on top!

All is good in the world.

All is good in the world.

The Sounders, as Master Shake would say, are “Number One in the Hood, G.”

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