Chivas USA and the Seattle Sounders Perform for No One: A Photo Documentary

I am not doing any hard-hitting journalism (bloggerism?) by reporting on the sad attendance figures at Chivas USA games. However, for some photographic, empiric, super scientific and doubt-proof evidence of the paucity of people at last Wednesday’s Sounders-Chivas game, I present the following two photos. One was taken right before the game started, the other in extra time.

This photo was taken moments before kickoff:


This photo was taken in extra time:


A pretty empty house, if not for the raucous ECS. We are the blue, we are the green, we are the only ones at a Chivas game you’ll see!

  • Jacob

    Hi Brent! Enjoying your blog!
    These pictures are great. By which I mean sad. Wow. I tried to get an idea of the crowd size during the broadcast, but the tv cameras didn’t cooperate.

    • Hi Jacob,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Sorry for my late response, I am still fighting spam commenters and I missed yours.
      Attendance for that Chivas game was abysmal. TV broadcast couldnt’ve have done it justice. I feel sorry for the CHivas fans because I hear MLS is going to shut down the team for a year or two. But honestly, it very well may be for the best.

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