Sorry I am late with my post today. I celebrated yesterday’s win over the Timbers by attending the Reign’s playoff game (another smashing success) with my family. Post soon forthcoming.


The Seattle Sounders are Kings of Cascadia after dispatching the Portland Timbers 4-2 yesterday in Portland.*

*I only mean “kings of Cascadia” figuratively, as in “Seattle is a better team than that other Cascadian team, Portland.” I do not mean that the Sounders, to a man, have now inserted themselves into some patriarchal, monarchical line or achieved primogeniture for our bioregion. I also don’t even care to reference Vancouver, but Seattle did, in fact, move into first-place of the Cascadia Cup rankings with 8 points (though the ‘Caps have two games in hand).

Remember when Portland was thisclose to achieving unquestioned dominance over us? They ran us roughshod in the playoffs last year, and we’re sitting pretty with a 2-goal advantage at home back in April? Well that 4-4 draw feels like many lifetimes, or alternate realities, ago. I am so glad we live in a timestream where Caleb Porter is delusional not a visionary, Portland’s 2013 season was a fluke and the Sounders are the once and future kings.

The national pundits are claiming that Seattle won a “statement game.” I could care less. We beat Portland and we played our way in doing so. The idea that we’re serving notice to the rest of the West or the league just sells ads. The Sounders are in it to win it: the US Open Cup, the Supporters’ Shield, the MLS Cup. We just need to play our game our way and never mind the bullocks.

Sunday was Seattle Sounders soccer. Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey were in lockstep, linking up repeatedly to the tune of four goals. Brad Evans played like a man possessed. He did a perfect DeAndre Yedlin impersonation when he burned passed overhyped Portland CB Liam Ridgewell to feed Martins for Seattle’s first goal. Evans got the assist but he was just the last connection in a 14-pass sequence  that involved the whole team. We attacked as a team and defended as a team. Zach Scott played his heart out, Chad Marshall played through a petty elbow from Norberot Papparatto and we all endured the bratty antics of Maxi Urruti.

Take a week off boys, you earned it. Life is good in the Emerald City.

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