DeAndre Yedlin Both Has and Hasn’t left the Seattle Sounders

“When does a quantum system stop existing as a superposition of states and become one or the other?”

-Edwin Schrodinger

DeAndre Yedlin is the Schrodinger’s cat of MLS. He has simultaneously both signed and not signed a contract with AS Roma.

Oh the joys of modern journalism. Tweets, blogs and sloppy reportage have linked Yedlin to Genoa, Inter and Lyon in the last month but the Roma rumor has the most clout. Italian journalists are calling the deal done, but Yedlin’s agent vehemently denies this, saying MLS/Seattle would announce any finalized contract.

My thoughts on Yedlin, both as the person and symbol of the game in the States, are known. However you want his situation to resolve… it needs to resolve. There are so many “is he” and “isn’t he” reports floating about that this is getting fishy.

Postmodernism tells us there are plural realities and no objective truth. So maybe the Italians were merely fishing for traffic with trumped up transfer rumors. That may certainly be the case. Or maybe talks have stalled between Yedlin and Roma and someone leaked the news of the current deal to reset negotiations. Or the deal is done but MLS/Sounders FC (how I refer to the corporate side of all things Rave Green) want to control the narrative, i.e. cheesy league commercials (maybe in Monday night’s nationally televised Seattle-L.A. matchup) or more Joe Roth showmanship. There is quite the tangled web of potential realities.

Maybe Yedlin has signed with Roma. I, for one, am hoping this deal isn’t done and merely awaiting the “Hollywood treatment.” This is my least favorite potential reality, as the denials and smokescreens are eerily reminiscent of last summer’s Dempseywatch. The great Dempsey reveal was so awkward and ill-conceived that it was downright comical. Is Joe Roth going to give Deandre the same dazzle. I can see Roth sauntering out in sweatpants to midfield to chatter some cheese with Yedlin about “trying out some of the other teams.” But for this to be, Yedlin would have to have tickets to Rome booked. Any scenario of the sign-but-stay-and-develop doesn’t gel with this. Announcing a transfer and then not actually transferring him seems anticlimactic. Joe Roth doesn’t do anticlimactic. Except when everyone already knows the climax.

Thank god for Twitter. Despite Sounders FC’s best intentions, we all knew Dempsey was/should-be/could-it-be? a done deal before the game against FC Dallas. Joe and co.  sure tried hard to keep control of that narrative. I wouldn’t put it past them to try agin this summer. But they can’t really think they can keep a lid on this, right? Especially not until the end of the season? Considering current media practices, the naivety of that would be titanic. So maybe the Italian journalists did lie.

Maybe Yedlin hasn’t signed with Roma. I can see this happening. Yedlin may have wanted to test the waters while his post-World Cup hotness was still hot (like a college athlete testing to seeing where he may get drafted) but then decided to stay in Seattle for the rest of this magically successful season and possibly the foreseeable future. Yedlin is reinvesting in his Seattle roots. He endorses local sports drink Golazo, threw out the first pitch at a Mariners game and was famously a parade marshal at Seafair. Maybe this is all just a local boy milking fame, but maybe he is starting to build his endorsements portfolio with local Seattle business. The kid can have a long and lucrative career right here at home.

Despite having my fun with postmodernism and quantum theory, I hope something gets announced soon. “The Yedlin to?” rumors can only become more of a distraction as the Sounders buckle down for eight games in in the next five weeks, look to lock up their fourth US Open Cup and reclaim sole ownership of the top of the table.

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