Celebrating the US of A and the USMNT

Since the World Cup kicked off three weeks ago, I’ve been celebrating the good ‘ol U.S. of A a lot more than usual. Usually I reserve the Fourth for my red, white and blue regalia. I have one stars and stripes bandana, one pair of stars and stripes Kanye shades (or Macho Man Randy Savage shades for those who know!), and my “through the perilous fight” scarf I picked up at the US-Panama World Cup qualifier last summer.  I have been wearing all of these regularly as I cheered on our boys. It’ll feel funny to don the attire with no USMNT match to catch on the boob tube.

The US is all abuzz with the USMNT. Grantland writer Kirk Goldsberry wrote a piece on the US-Belgium match’s strong Nielsen ratings. Surprisingly (at least to this writer) Goldsberry notes that the game was far more popular on the East Coast:

Nobody had World Cup fever as much as New Yorkers. The USA-Belgium match drew a huge 15.0 rating there, by far the highest mark anywhere in the country. Here are the top five markets according to today’s data:

1. New York: 15.0

2. Hartford/New Haven: 13.2

3. Washington, D.C.: 12.8

4. Richmond/Petersburg: 12.3

5. Boston: 12.2

Those eastern cities outpaced all other locations, and in general it’s fair to say that watching the game was more popular on the East Coast than anywhere else. The match garnered over a 10.0 in 15 markets, and of those 15, 13 are in the eastern time zone, where the match started at 4 p.m., a reasonably acceptable time to stop working for the day.

I’m glad he points out the impact of time zones. As a West Coast chauvinist and soccer evangelist, I was embarrassed to see the disproportionate amount of support coming from east of the Rockies. Seattle was particularly unimpressive in their televised support of the Yanks, ranking below L.A., the Bay, and Vegas. I know, first hand, that no city loves soccer the way Seattle loves soccer. Thus my embarrassment. But, at least we outpaced that shriveled little lumber town down south.


Anywho, Happy Fourth Everyone. Go eat a hotdog and join a parade!

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