A Distraction from the Seattle Sounders and Their Soiled Sheets

I apologize Raving Readers, I am at an impasse. I have no bile left to rant and rave regarding the loss against L.A. And it’s too soon to put on my cold-blooded mortician’s hat and dissect the Sounders sheet sh*tting. Going into the L.A. game, I was anxious but all stoked for a coronation. Then we got pasted.

At least against New England we had the 3 games in 8 days and the impeding World Cup as ready excuses. What is Monday’s excuse? No Chad Marshall? Can he have made THAT big a difference? And what was wrong with Ozzie and Gonzo? Is Dan Gargan THAT good? Bah!

So here’s a pleasant distraction from all things Sounders. It’s an awesome logo redesign of all 32 NFL teams as if they were European football clubs. The designer didn’t do one logo per team, but rather each NFL team has a British, Spanish, German and Italian iteration. They are awesome. I am a Philadelphia Eagles, and was a little disappointed by our choices. But the Seahawks have pretty dope crests, especially their German one. Enjoy.

  • Friar Tuck

    Cool logos. I remember seeing a couple of those when they first got going, and it’s neat to see the four versions of each team now. Not being a big fan of the Euro leagues it does make me wonder; Do a lot of spanish teams have crowns over their crests? Are all german crests very simplified and geometric? Anyway, I actually thought the English Eagles crest was pretty slick, but yeh, the italian Eagle is definitely a little goofy. As a bucs fan I really dug their italian version, with the spanish version being a close runner up.

    And on the Monday excuses, I would say Chad Marshall is definitely important, as Anibaba is certainly on a lower tier, but the lack of mental preparation caused by his late scratch was probably signifant as well. For some reason I imagined that the guy who accidnetally rear ended him is a soccer fan, and feels like shit.

    • Tuck,

      I agree about the effect of Marshall’s absence. The shaken mental preparation was probably a bigger blow than just his not playing.

      The Italian Bucs crest was killer. I am sure Lovie Smith would approve.

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