Seattle: A Dream of Soccer Nirvana

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
a stately pleasure dome decree

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

If you were building soccer nirvana, it would look something like Century Link Field in full boom. And if you were to push your fantasy further, droves of raving fans would arrive via dirigibles, airships, or ferries. How great is it to live in a city where ferries are mundane mass transit and soccer glorified.

Last weekend, Mrs. Ravinggreen and I had escaped the internet in a cabin outside Belfair. Saturday we drove up to Bremerton and walked on the 4:20 ferry to downtown. The boat was packed with Sounders fans. Old folk fans in ball caps, young kid fans in pitch black kits. Families, friends, in all shades of green, shale, black and blue; so much Sounders swag afloat. The fans were out in droves, and I assume the 5:30 ferry was equally packed.

Walking off the boat to an early dinner in Pioneer Square, falafel at La Paloma, we followed the flow of support weaving into the city. The two couples next to us at dinner were all wearing kits and chatting about work, life and the blowout at New England. Later in Mecca, swarmed by customers at the Pro Shop, a large man in full military regalia beamed, “this is my first game.” It was awesome to see the city embrace the Sounders.

We sat up in the cheap seats, among the additional 10,000. A large South Asian family took up most of the row in front of us, a couple of matched engineer-types sat beside us, as did a father and daughter (I tried to keep my swearing to a minimum, but damn that Obafemi Martins goal). The passion isn’t the same in the upper bowl, as people don’t know the rituals, and sit for the full ninety, but it’s good to see so many families out. The Sounders are not pretentious, and are available to all comers; the team loved and welcomed by the city.

Seattle only lit the torches once. I wanted a better game for everyone, but it didn’t matter. The spectacle is all. In the ferry terminal that evening, everyone waiting for the 10:30 boat, happy, sleepy Seattleites comforted their children, teased each other and fought sleep. There was laughing and joking and the ferry came to take us home to dream.

We were very tired, we were very merry—
We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry.

– Edna St. Vincent Millay


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