Brad Evans: Classy in Surprising USMNT Cut

Most Seattle Sounders fans are already well aware that team captain and Mr. Sounder Brad Evans didn’t make the USMNT 23-man roster. Congratulations to both US team captain Clint Dempsey and DeAndre Yedlin on being selected by coach Jurgen Klinsmann to represent the Stars and Stripes this summer. I always suspected two Sounders would be in Brazil, but which two Sounders was quite the surprise. If you had imagined the different probabilities of which combination of Sounders would make the Brazil cut, it probably looked something like this:

Dempsey, Evans, Yedlin 10 %

Dempsey, Evans – 66%

Dempsey, Yedlin – 2.5%

Evans, Yedlin – .0001%

Dempsey – 25%

Evans – .01%

Yedlin – .0001%

You could’ve won big in Vegas if you predicted that Dempsey and Yedlin would be the ones representing Seattle on soccer’s biggest stage. Yedlin being selected is a surprise. I had a wee feeling that Klinsmann may include him just to blood him for 2018. But I never imagined him being selected over Evans.

This must be a major bummer to Captain Brad (though he joins august company in Landon Donovan). I’ve already espoused regret for both Obafemi Martins and Chad Marshall missing out on the World Cup, and am shocked to add Evans to that list. Though unlike Oba, Evans has never played in a World Cup. Oba and Marshall both knew for a while that they weren’t flying to Brazil. Evans’s surprising exclusion is more harsh because he only recently forced himself into the USMNT picture, through determination and stellar play, and was looking like a lock. To come so close, so rapidly and then to miss out, must be killer. Of course his tweet was also killer:


Thanks for being so classy in what must be a tough time. Come on back home and show Jurgen what he’s missing. You and Oba can both play your own World Cup with the Seattle Sounders. Hell, we may get some truly chip-on-the-shoulder inspired play out of Evans to complement the out-of-his-head Obafemi Martins. I am proud of Yedlin, and heart broken for Evans, but if Evans’s slight translates into, ohhh, a Supporter’s Shield or MLS Cup for the Sounders, Seattle will love him forever.

  • Friar Tuck

    Yeah, Love the tweet by Evans, you just can’t help but admire his sense of humor during what’s gotta be a fairly disappointing moment for him. And you almost wonder if Yedlin making the squad is in some part thanks to tutelage from Evans. That’s gotta be a bittersweet feeling.

    Overall I was definitely a little shocked by the roster announcement. I had an El Tri fan in my office swing by my cube Thursday afternoon and drop the news on me that Donovan didn’t make the cut (and guys like Brad Davis did!), and just like that my concentration, and ergo my productivity, were wrecked for the rest of the day.

    • Yeah Tuck. Evans is on record saying it won;t be awkward between Yedlin and him, but sheesh. Yedlin has potentially (at the outside) 3 more world cups in the future. Evans’s is done. A shame considering his contribution to qualification.

      And the Landon Donovan decision looks more asinine the more I think about it. I am getting kinda pissed at Jurgen.

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