Last week I tweaked our season-long statistical study from mere Plus/Minus to PMP (plus, minus, points). This is a good thing. According to Plus/Minus, Lamar Neagle is our best player, Michael Azira the worst, and Clint Dempsey is a non-factor. Under this paradigm, Deuce equals Cam Weaver and pales to Chad Barrett and Dylan Remick. Yeppers, not an entirely useful statistic.

PMP is the way to go but as Friar Tuck commented, it only selects for offensive-minded players. Players like Marshall and Traore will never be big PMP’ing. This stat also seems to select for high-scoring draws, as players get lots of points, but the plus/minus doesn’t change. Maybe we’ve just stumbled upon a statistic for quantifying entertaining television, but that’s being far to dismissive of our study. These numbers told of Kenny Cooper’s contributions long before he started putting balls in the back of the net. The PMP numbers for this week:

PMP w5

Plus/Minus MVP Cooper took a hit after the Portland draw. He scored a goal, but he was on the field for two shipped, so he lost a PMP point. Along with Cooper, the other noticeable changes: Azira fell hard, Dempsey, of course, soared, but so did Neagle and Pappa. The changes to PMP from Week 4 to Week 5:


Aside from Neagle and Deuce, Marco Pappa surprises most. He was a real difference maker after getting his feet under him and surged up +2. I championed the “Marco Pappa Outta Here” cause earlier this season. Maybe first impressions can be too damning. After the energy and quality displayed on Saturday, I hope to see Pappa contribute much more in the future.

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