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The Sounders wore the Pitch Black kit while handling Montreal. I love the new jerseys, they are such a sharp look. But if the Sounders had lost in their inaugural unveiling, the vibe would’ve soured.

Superstition and sport go hand in hand. From the players to the fans everyone has an obsession they just know will see them through. For the fans, the intersection of superstition and aesthetics collides with “lucky” jerseys. I truly believe in lucky jerseys. I’m really into the aesthetics of professional sports uniforms, from the NFL and NBA to all ball caps and jerseys in general. But MLS is messing with me. I don’t feel the need to get a new Eagles jersey every season. However, I feel like a guileless victim of marketing with Seattle’s kits. I want a new Sounders jersey EVERY year. Last year’s Cascade Shale was sick, and Pitch Black is talking to me. I am gonna have to face it, I am addicted to kits. But the kits are only worth it if they bring the team good fortune on the pitch.

Super Cyan and me shared an emotional roller coaster. I found an authentic Super Cyan jersey at Marshall’s last year for $30. Authentic for $30! But it’s Super Cyan, I hate Super Cyan. I bought it as a joke to show my wife (intended to return it). But damn if I didn’t fall in love with that jersey. Maybe it was the collar (I like collared kits), or the cyan (I finally noticed it after always being distracted by the garish neon yellow). I even fell in love the yellow. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely HATED that jersey. I hated whenever we’d wear it, especially in all the poor results against the Timbers (that game in 2012, we lost 2-1 at Portland, when Boyd got all up in Fredy’s grill, that was atrocious).

I had somehow divorced my memories and initial reaction from the actual Super Cyan jersey. I couldn’t get enough of that jersey. I wore it often, but a funny thing happened on the way to the stadium. Whenever I wore that jersey the Sounders tanked. I wore it at the Kekutah Manneh coming out party last year against Vancouver. I wore it when they wore at Portland last October (Dempsey’s broken collarbone, Ozzie losing his head, Zakuani hitting the crossbar!!!). But I didn’t blame the jersey. The last straw was two weeks ago against TFC. I was rocking Super Cyan in the first half, but switched to a long-sleeved Cascade Shale in the second half (we won the second half 1-0). I will forever blame Super Cyan.

Now I need a new lucky kit to go along with my classic Rave Green and Cascade Shale. Pitch Black is still out of my price range, and I always thought Electricity was vomit inducing, if still available. I’m an open-minded guy (or desperate), if I ever saw Electricity at Marshalls for $30, I wouldn’t hesitate. Or maybe I need to save my pennies for Pitch Black. Hey baby, undefeated in those kits!

  • Friar Tuck

    Ha, man, this is just too true. On gameday’s I often find myself deliberating heavily on which jersey will be best for the team mojo, because in my head it truly matters, and no one can tell me otherwise.

    Also I agree, the pitch black kits are sharp, certainly rivaling the shale as the best sounders kit imho. And speaking of the shale, that kit is too nice for how underused it is.

  • 66jzmstr

    Pitch Black looked good this weekend. I wish the crest were normal colors as opposed to all rave green, but they look sharp, regardless.

    My favorite kit is still the old blue away jersey. Seeing the Pitch Black made me happy because I doubt they’ll continue the shale as the away color, signifying a possible return to the blue away kits. I haven’t purchased any jerseys in a couple years (though temptations have been strong), but if those blues appear again, I’ll pull the trigger at the first sale I see.

    I haven’t kept track of the Sounders record when I don my jersey, but my golden retriever does pretty well with his Sounders bandanna on game day. (I chalk our only loss this season up to being the only game this year I forgot to put it on him.)

  • Mrs. Ravinggreen

    Don’t even get me started. Especially about people who rant about super cyan for a year, then buy it on sale at tj maxx, have It become their new favorite jersey (shudder), and then proceed to keep wearing it during games even though WE LOST TO THE TIMBERS while wearing it.

    So yes. Pitch Black is definitely a step up.

  • Thanks for all the comments guys!

    Tuck, I agree the Shale kit is so good, and they do wear it so rarely.

    66jmzmstr, welcome to the site! You like the old Sounder blue away better than shale? For shame! I agree though canine apparel, our corgi rocks his Sounders bandana. For big games he has to be created as he gets worked up when we’re worked up.

    Wifey, you were right. As always. I can’t imagine ever wearing cyan again.

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