The Wrong Color Green

Catching up in Cascadia: The Wrong Color Green #3

Your favorite Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers podcast is back!

In today’s episode, Bob and I chat about new signings, both teams’ recent runs of form, and look forward to the culmination of both the Cascadia Cup and MLS seasons. And yes, we take various potshots at each other.

This episode was especially fun becasue I flew to the northern border of Cascadia, Anchorage, Alaska, to record live with Bob. Enjoy!

Wrong Color Green: Episode #3.


The Wrong Color Green Episode 2: Dissecting An Ugly Game

The Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers may have played and ugly game Sunday night, but everything is beautiful in our second podcast! We got a little carried away this week as Bob and I dissect the game, talk Cascadia, bicker a little and preview each clubs next opponent. So kick back in your Subaru, grab a geoduck and a nanobrew and take a listen.


The Wrong Color Green Podcast is Here!

The inaugural episode of the Ravinggreen podcast, The Wrong Color Green, has arrived. This podcast is by Cascadians, and for Cascadians, as it explores the rivalry between the Seattle Sounders and the Portland Timbers. Yours truly represents the right color green and my best friend Bob the wrong color green just in time for the two teams’ first cash of the season.

Check it out!

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