BOLD PREDICTION: Seattle Sounders at FC Dallas

The Seattle Sounders have one eye on the Conference Finals as they play FC Dallas tonight in Frisco. After getting slobberknocked in Seattle, the Hoops are a mere speed bump to the resurgent Sounders. It would almost be easy to pity Dallas, as they lost their star creator in Mauro Diaz in Week 33 and now face near certain elimination as the #1 seed in the playoffs. But Dallas sucks. Remember how brokenhearted you were last year when they equalized, mean-mugged and won on penalty kicks? That sucked. Dallas sucks.

BOLD PREDICTION: Barring an absolute collapse, Seattle’s got this. As a Sounders fan, however, you remember what it feels like to think you have a chance to come back.

L.A. plastered us in Carson, to the familiar tune of 3-nil in the first leg of The 2012 Western Conference Finals. But I still bought tickets and sang in the rain for 2 hours on a dark and stormy night in Sodo. I saw Eddie score early, Then the man, the myth, the legend, Zach Scott, got the second right after halftime. We had almost 40 minutes to get just one more goal and force extra time and … it didn’t happen. Robbie Keane and his “cunning Irish mind” (h/t to Alan Hinton) forced a handball on Johansson and got a PK, which iced it. But up until that moment, I believed.

Dallas will very much believe they can do this. And, they technically can. They are still a very, very good team. The first 20 minutes of this game will be bananas. Dallas will come at us hard and fast, looking, like the 2012 Sounders, for that first goal early. Forced to bunker early, Seattle will hope to just weather that storm. But Schmetzer won’t park the bus, it’s not in his blood, and we all know that a single away goal punches our ticket to the Conference Finals.

Dallas may have scored 3+ goals seven times this season, but they only won with a 3+ GD twice. And Seattle’s only shipped 3+ goals three times, and haven’t since Schmetz took over. Schemtzer still can’t select his best 11 as Ivanschitz and Fernandez didn’t fly to Texas and Torres is a game-time decision, but that won’t matter. Seattle endures and J-Mo Smooth plunges the dagger: 2-1 Dallas. Mean-mug that.

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