Copa America Centenario: Blogging Again

Copa America Centenario is in full swing. And Raving Green has been remiss in not feeding your soccer jones.

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. As a lifelong sports fans, and recent soccer convert, this blog is a passion project of mine. For the past 2 years, I had time and energy to focus on the site. This year life got in the way in the form of lots of good damn news for your humble author. Aside from a promotion at the rent-paying gig, the wife and I are remodeling the basement ourselves, and we’re expecting our first child later this summer! So yeah, time is consumed and the blog has fallen by the wayside. My soccer passion has not however.

Mrs. Raving Green and I were at the stadium last weekend for Haiti – Peru. We both have a soft sport in our heart for La Blanquirroja. We got engaged in Peru (in Puno, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, to be exact. We were both recovering from different illnesses: food poisoning and altitude sickness. Despite the various bodily fluids, it was very romantic), on a trip to attend a friend’s wedding in Lima. Saturday’s game was typical of the Copa’s slow start, as Peru could only manage one goal (albeit a beautiful header) against the most overmatched side at the tournament.

Though the quality may have been lacking, the event was great for soccer in Cascadia. The sun was shining, the stadium was looking her best (the turf, especially), and Seattle continued to build its reputation as a quality destination for international soccer. Which is really (aside from seeing Messi, and potentially James) the super objective of any Seattle soccer fan’s goal for the Copa. If we can host the hell out of our three games, US Soccer will keep awarding quality international fixtures to the Emerald City.

I know this post is late to the Copa party, as Chile-Bolivia is about to kickoff and wrap up the second week of play. But I should have some time in the near future to knock out some writing and get you your soccer fix. I can’t promise six posts a week like before, but keep checking in and I’ll keep writing.

Thanks for reading, it’s good to be back.

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