Seattle Sounders Bruised Not Broken

The Seattle Sounders are settling in for a rebuilding season.
Jordan Morris is terribly overrated.
The Sounders, just beat by an underhanded SKC at home, will underwhelm and disappoint for the 8th straight season.

Or so say some the crackpots and prognosticators of the soccer blabbersphere. Since we lost to SKC on Soccer Sunday, and in today’s era of hot takes and instant analysis, Seattle better pack it in and call it a year already.

But one game doesn’t mean too much, people. I teach writing for a living and am always going on about analysis and synthesis and whys and hows and aboutness. Believe me, there is no such thing as “instant” analysis, only hamheaded yapping.

Sure the Sounders flubbed their chance to start the season strong. But I think we can safely deduce that Sounders always struggle against the thugs of MLS. Kansas City and San Jose have always been difficult results. Thankfully the ranks of coach/enforcer have been purged by GMs and owners who want to see a quality product on the pitch. Peter Vermes, and his New Jersey chin, is the last of an ignoble line of American soccer coaches who put the football in football.

Every time we play SKC, we see the same physical play. Vermes has his Sporks groping and grabbing and tackling and pushing their opponent every chance they get. It’s little things like tugging a jersey and bigger things like dragging your feet through on a tackle or a sly elbow in the air (thanks Dom Dwyer!). The final statline shows SKC with 19 fouls to our 9, more than double. And you figured the team down a man and fighting for the clean sheet might be more prone to physical play.

I take a strange pride in the act that Seattle struggles against the boorish teams (now, team) in the league. It shows we’re playing right. And really, for the first 40 minutes on Sunday, we looked stellar. The Sounders were dominating possession and had some devilishly quality chances. The real irony was that we were the team harshly disciplined, especially since we have the bruises and dislocations that tell a different story.

Hopefully the hack-a-Sounder tactic is limited to Vermes. Pretty soccer should be on the docket the next couple weeks against RSL and Vancouver. And the Sounders do pretty soccer pretty well.


The President of Soccer is wheeling and dealing again. Garth Lagerwey has pulled the trigger on a deal with Toronto that sends General Allocation Money in exchange for Targeted Allocation Money and an international roster spot. It seems we may have TFC by the short hairs as they need the GAM to set their budget straight for the season. I eagerly look forward to watch the Prez is cooking up.


Lastly, a birthday shoutout to regular reader and, sometime, commenter Friar Tuck. Happy Birthday, brother.

  • Friar Tuck

    Dude, I was even saying this last season, SKC totally fit the bill of floppoons (or whatever the word was you coined) They simultaneously flop and mug people all over the field and it honestly makes watching a game with them tough to bear. Eff ’em.

    But hey, thanks for the Birthday shout-out man, tell Mrs. Ravinggreen happy belated birthday and happy international women’s day for me!

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