Seattle Sounders: The End

The Seattle lost 2-1, and bowed out of the MLS Playoffs 3-3 (4-2) last night in Frisco.

All credit to FC Dallas, they played us off the pitch. Seattle was sturdy in the back and almost walked that tightrope, but the constant pressure proved too much. Even with Frei playing lights out, with no Brad, no Leo and no Ozzie, leaving Frisco with a clean sheet was just too much of an ask.

Chad Marshall and Zach Scott were studs last night. So were Friberg and Valdez. Deuce was dangerous at times, but too many players weren’t their best selves when we really needed it. Oba saw two gorgeous chances pass him by. Rose was not enough to even slow down Diaz. And Fisher was out of his league at left back. It is going to be a long offseason.

I am not emotionally prepared for the season to be over. Two years in a row now, Seattle has been the belle of the ball and been found wanting. We are snake bit in the playoffs. We always enter the playoffs with injuries to key players and it costs us. I don’t care if the cast features Blaise and Fredie, Mauro and Eddie, Deuce and Oba or Valdez and Ivanschitz. The Sounders can’t seem to get it done when it counts. I am pissed. I am spent.


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