Seattle Sounders Score a Goal!!

The Seattle Sounders scored a goal!! Big news! The Sounders didn’t lose!

Last night at BC Place, a double rainbow sprouted from the head of a yeti in Brigadoon. Your Seattle Sounders scored a goal in CCL play against the Vancouver Whitecaps. It was Seattle’s first goal in over 400 minutes dating back 33 days, just their second goal since June 14th!, and it couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

The Sounders, though dominating the ‘Caps for most of the game, found themselves behind with less than 20 minutes to play. Again. Vancouver had taken a 1-0 lead on their first shot on goal (another cheeky backheel from a CB). But the boys in famous green kept pressing and finally Neagle, on a re-started corner, knocked in a ball from Rose to equalize. A forward took a ball in a goal-dangerous position and converted. It was glorious. Then the defense held steady like it had for most of the terrible run, and the Sounders left the opponent’s pitch with a result.

And this goal really counts. If this had been an MLS game, a tie and a goal would’ve been swell. But this goal was especially sweet because this was the CONCACAF Champions League and every result matters. The Sounders only get 4 games to rack up points and punch their ticket to the knockout round. Seattle wants to win CCL and earning a point on the road is a great first step. If this club fancies themselves contenders for kings of CONCACAF, they need results like last night’s and sustained excellence in the CCL.

The Sounders played with grit and heart, but the game could’ve been prettier. Both teams fielded weaker lineups, and this may have benefited Seattle. Their JV has gotten lots of minutes together. Seattle trotted out only 3 members of their ideal eleven: Evans, Remick and Neagle (and who knows if all three are still regular starters given the team’s recent signings). Seattle even put little used Kovar and Fisher in the 11. Hell, even Andreas Correa was in the 18. Maybe, just maybe, there is a positive to take away form all the motely lineups over the last 2 months.

And maybe the curse is broken. This is silly, but I got to thinking: the last time Seattle started a game wearing their Pitch Black kits was the USOC debacle against Portland. Of course, they finished that game in a Frankenkit fashion catastrophe: gray practice tops and Rave Green shorts. In the second half, that game fell apart into a red-cardapalooza and the Oba injury. Maybe the Sounders just pissed off the sartorial soccer gods? I can only hope that starting and finishing a game in Pitch Black reversed the curse. I don’t want to push my luck, but a result in L.A. will make me a believer in some Pitch Black Magic.


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