Seattle Sounders Routed By Vancouver Whitecaps aka Officially Time To Panic

The Seattle Sounders were garbage Saturday night against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The Sounders are very, very broken. With a golden opportunity to turn the page on July, clinch the Cascadia Cup and get their groove back, the Sounders pooped the bed. Utterly and undeniably. The offense was still crap and the defense was worse, as the team was whipped mentally and physically.

This is THE worst run in Sounders history, both objectively (we’ve never had a four game losing streak) and emotionally (we’ve never looked so beaten). Sometimes Seattle gets blown out, it happens. But normally these blowouts are isolated events amidst a stellar run of form, and normally these blowouts are delivered by great teams (like L.A.). Rarely is Seattle routed by middling teams, rivals no less, at home.

I am a Sounders supporter and I am panicking. I’m calling it: what we are experiencing right now is worse than the 2013 collapse. There. I said it. If the sky was falling then, the whole universe is crashing down now. Let’s remember that this team returned nearly everyone from a Supporters’-Shield-USOC-winning double. This team was a hair’s breath away from the MLS Cup. Now they inexplicably stink and they’ve been stinking.

I am sick of blaming roster turnover, injuries and suspensions. It is inexcusable that Seattle didn’t bag more than 6 points from their last 10 games. A run of games that included 5 at home, 4 against the Eastern Conference and 2 against the West’s cellar dwellers. Seattle is at .6 ppg from their last 10. Even with the absences we should have been able to muster some draws.

Sure, Dempsey played Saturday then Wednesday, and barely practiced with Thomas and Friberg. Sure, Seattle has 11 more games to right their ship. Sure, all they need to do is make the now-expanded playoff field to potentially pull an L.A. and salvage this season. But our Open Cup dreams were crushed by Portland. The Supporters’ Shield defense, barring a complete script-flip where the Sounders win 8 of their next 10, is cooked. All of sudden, the best this team can do is lick its wounds, get its head right, and hope to make the playoffs. We should be better than this. We deserve better than this.


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