Seattle Sounders Get Ready to Wreck the West

The Seattle Sounders only have ten games left to collect points and position themselves for silverware.

I apologize for my short posts lately. Things are a little hectic at Chez Raving Green. The wife and I (with a lot of help from our friends) are demolishing the basement. We lucked out and bought our house in the depths of the Seattle housing market, but it was a fixer-upper. What a fixer-upper.

The basement was “finished” by a previous homeowner we affectionately think of as “Crafty Grandpa.” With no vapor barriers, insulation, or waterproofing, the basement was a dank and musty mold hole. But the man was an artist with wood. It was his medium, to the exclusion of all else. But he only used wood he salvaged or got cheap, or so it seems. And he always used four jig-sawed pieces when one would do. Everything down there is a monkey-puzzle of shims and joints. And yet, lo and behold, mold between the walls, closets opening into terra firma and the “stations of the bathroom.” Let me explain: three closest cover the western wall of the basement. Closet number one is a dank little corner with a lone toilet; closet number two is a dank little shower stall, and closet number three has creepy fluorescent lights and the world’s wee-est vanity.

Hence the distraction from regularly posting, as we’ve been busy with sawzall and sledge hammer. But there is so much to discuss. Questions I am chewing on while I am ripping out drywall: what does Seattle’s ideal eleven look like after the three recent signings? Where does Evans play? Does Torres’s signing say more about the severity of Ozzie’s injury than anything, as it allows Evans back in the midfield (potentially as a CDM)? Will we ever see Pappa in Rave Green again? And most important, how good will it feel when we start whupping on teams again? I hope as good as it feels to brace your legs and swing a sledge hammer from the hips.


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