The Wrong Color Green Podcast is Here!

The inaugural episode of the Ravinggreen podcast, The Wrong Color Green, has arrived. This podcast is by Cascadians, and for Cascadians, as it explores the rivalry between the Seattle Sounders and the Portland Timbers. Yours truly represents the right color green and my best friend Bob the wrong color green just in time for the two teams’ first cash of the season.

Check it out!

  • David

    love the first podcast! I would like to add a few comments as to where we
    are in the season thus far. We are in middle of the pack, coming off a
    road win; with some of our best players still sidelined. Our defense is
    yet to come into true form, when it happens and we get our offensive
    strength back we should be in good shape. Tough stretch of games to
    come, 4 out of 5 on the road. Let’s see if Porter can get the guys to
    believe that we can return to dominance in the western conference.

    • Hi Dave! Thanks for comments. Today’s game will be key. The Sounders win and they’ve created serious distance from Portland (13 pts in 7 gp vs 9 in 8 for PDX). However if the Timbers somehow bumbleclutz their way to a rare W, the teams will be quite close (12 in 8 for PDX vs 10 in 7 for SEA).

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