Thanks Again Kenny Cooper

Last night I was worried that if Jordan Morris played well, he’d be hammering another nail in the coffin of his Sounder’s career. After scoring the first goal in last night’s “unfriendly” against Mexico, it may be safe to say his chances of rocking Rave Green are dead BEFORE arrival. I’ll have more to say on this later, but first I want to follow up on yesterday’s Chad Barrett musings.

During the brief intersection of their respective Seattle careers, Barrett and Kenny Cooper found their fortunes intertwined. They both came in as veteran strikers and from jump street competed for the third forward position. Clearly Barrett won that competition and Cooper is gone, moved to Montreal to, hopefully, claim a starter’s role.

I hate to think that it was always going to be either Cooper or Barrett, but in hindsight, that seemed to be very much the case. With Oba and Clint locked in as starters and young guns challenging for development and minutes, Okoli last year and Mansaray this, how much room was there on the roster for above-average veterans? Not much.

I was a big Kenny Cooper fan. He was the unsung hero of last year’s US Open Cup run. His six goals in that tournament earned him the Golden Boot and us our first silverware of the season. We could only compete for the treble by season’s end because Cooper played his heart out throughout the Open Cup. The Sounders seemingly recognized this by giving him the honor of accompanying Sigi to the USOC media day. However on game day, who would be subbed on when the Sounders were surprisingly chasing a goal against Philly? Not Cooper, but Chad Barrett. I thought it was fishy then, but failed to recognize that, definitively, Cooper’s days in Rave Green were numbered.

Maybe Cooper didn’t want to be just a super sub or backup. Maybe he would’ve been happy with that role, but refused to take a pay cut. Maybe Sigi honestly felt Barrett could contribute more to the attack. Until his tawdry tell-all is published, we’ll never know. It was only for a season, 22 games and less than 1000 minutes, but we owe our Open Cup and double to Kenny Cooper. Once a Sounder…


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