Sometimes Your Best Ain’t Enough: Sounders fall to Galaxy 1-0

The Seattle Sounders fell to the Los Angeles Galaxy 1-0, as Jaime Penedo, the L.A. keeper, played his heart out.

It was frustrating game. In L.A., with a subpar lineup, the Sounders bossed for long stretches of the day. They generated multiple golden chances and converted those to 14 shots, ten on target. But with Penedo doing his best Tim Howard impersonation, the Sounders would get skunked. There is little you can do but tip your cap to Penedo.

In my match preview, I said the Sounders and Galaxy are evenly matched, but L.A. just scores the opportune goal. Damn if Sunday’s game wasn’t a microcosm of the series at large. The game was fairly even overall, but L.A. finds THE decisive goal.

Other than the beginning of the second half when it looked like they took the field hung over and that moment of stupidity when they left both Alan Gordon and Gyasi Zardes unmarked in the box, Seattle’s defense played well. This game was devoid of any boneheaded Bradisms and the back line kept their shape. Though L.A. had 16 shots, only 4 were on target and most were greedy screamers from 30 yards out taken by Robbie Rogers. But the one goal was all L.A. needed, just like in the 2012 and 2014 Western Conference finals.

The should-have-been-man-of-the-match was poor Lamar Neagle. Lambasted and criticized for his lack of shots through the first month of the season, he hustled hard and put 6 shots on frame. 6! Remember how tow games we played an entire game with Dallas and neither team put a single ball on frame. Neagle had six in 74 minutes! Some of his decisions could’ve been better (from the privileged position on my couch I kept screaming, “Stop kicking it straight to Penedo!”) but that’s picking nits. Neagle got the ball in dangerous spaces and would’ve had a goal (or three) on any other day. Fun tweet:

It just wasn’t our day.

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