Seattle Sounders Party Like It’s 2013

The Seattle Sounders almost fell into bad habits Saturday night against the Colorado Rapids. Some timely first half goals by Lamar Neagle, and an organized second half defense earned Seattle their first three points on the road of the season.

The Seattle defense looked like the Keystone Cops for the first 45, as opposed to the defense that only allowed 4 goals in the previous 5 games. Against San Jose, when we allowed 3, most of the blame was put on the growing pains of Brad Evans at centerback. Last night the Sounders partied like it was 2013. Defenders were lackadaisical. The backline was pushed to the top of the box and attackers were allowed time and space to pick their shots. The Sounders were lucky to be playing Colorado, a better shooting team would’ve scored more than one goal.

The team that fields Clint Dempsey, Obafemi Martins, Marco Pappa and Lamar Neagle should never have to worry about offense. But the Sounders went into last night’s game having scored only 3 in their last four games, getting shutout twice. Colorado was a surprising panacea for Seattle’s drought. The Rapids had only allowed two goals in their first five games, so it was nice to see our boys find their shooting boots.

Lamar Neagle tickled the back of the net for the first time all season, scoring a brace. I was glad he got redemption for his oh-fer against L.A. And Obafemi Martins. Obafemi Martins. Obafemi. Martins. I have a buddy who fancies himself a soccer fan. He doesn’t follow MLS because he doesn’t think the teams are capable of the beautiful game. My wife and I have been trying to sell him on the pure poetry that is Seattle’s attack. Last night provided incontrovertible evidence: that pass from Rose, that touch from Oba and the finish. dayum. Dayum. DAYUM!

And of course Deuce was back in Rave Green, seemingly recovered from his USMNT-mandated tweaked hammy. He put in a solid shift, created lots of havoc in the attack, and what did he get for his troubles? His junk stomped on. Marcelo Sarvas has gut punched us Sounders fans before, but this was too much. Frankly though, I am glad we’ll have a pissed off Deuce. It’s Portland week.


  • Mrs. Ravinggreen

    Yes, Keystone cops indeed. I think we have to look at more than the
    defense in the first half, though… Ozzie was uncharacteristically
    missing some tackles, and not quite up to his usual superman self (do we
    sometimes sit back and wait for Ozzie to be Ozzie? I think so). Rose
    instead of Pineda probably helped there to be some more space and holds
    in the midfield/defense connection, too. And though Neagle is a
    workhorse on both sides of the ball, his focus might have been more on
    attacking after last week, and Pappa’s always is. We got clowned in the
    first half, and by all rights should have been down 3-1 at least at half
    time, but you’ve got to spread the blame around to more than the
    defense, I think…

    • I’d be remiss to not agree with my wife 😉
      When I said “defense” I was referring to the team, as a whole, and its commitment to playing out defensive responsibilities. Yes the back four has that as a primary focus, but Pappa, Neagle and (yes, sometimes) Deuce and Oba need to chip in.

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