Seattle Beats Portland. Again!

The Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers played gritty in Sodo Sunday night. Renewing their rivalry for the 2015 season, the two teams played a match that was the polar opposite of last season’s barn-burning spectacles. Dempsey’s tap in off a sloppy cover from the Portland keeper totaled the scoring in a 1-nil Seattle win.

It was not pretty soccer. When your opponent is perfecting the art of the square pass while trying his damndest to get a nil-nil draw, it’s tough to hail hydra. Consider: in the 62nd minute Timbers midfielder Dairon Asprilla gave way to Gaston Fernandez for Portland’s first sub of the night. Asprilla (and I need to consult my thesaurus here) trickled off the field. The pace at which Asprilla left is typically suited for a team protecting a lead in the 88th minute, not nursing a draw in the 62nd MINUTE!

Lots of narratives to take away from this game (the steady progress of Captain Brad Evans at centerback; the Yin and Yang of Stefan Frei, great shot stopper, horrible distributor), but the biggest was the apotheosis of Caleb Porter’s cynicism.

What ever happened to playing the right way Porter? Whatever happened to the beautiful game and yadda, yadda, yadda? Caleb Porter used to sneer at long throw-ins, parking the bus, and the 4-4-2. That is all gone, as Porter will do anything for a result these days. Not that there is anything wrong that, professional sports is a results-based business. It just tickles me pink to see him sell-out. Especially when he still loses. Especially when he loses to us.

We are Seattle. We beat Portland.

  • David

    Raving Green, isn’t getting a result the ultimate keystone in the game. doesn’t matter how you get the result; hold and counter, attack attack, control and spread the field. a result is a result. this evenings game pitched two teams that differed in mentality, seattle with control of the mid and attacking 3rd, with portland settling to control their 3rd, and break when 2 or 3 defenders weren’t on nagbe; grappling like greco roman in the olymiad! in the first half seattle managed to control the ball in the mid and forward 3rd. not many chances in the first with each team feeling each other out. in the second portland managed to get more chances in the offensive 3rd with the addition of adi and el gato. kudos to dempsey (as much as it pains me), he managed to get in behind the defense and take advantage of a bobble by our goalie and defense lapse. although i believe that portland played well enough to earn a draw, a lapse in defense gave seattle the 3 pts. its hard to read my game notes in the last 15 minutes. as i have begun to write vigorously and drink a plenty! at the end, well )#*$*, portland came into hostile seattle, and should have been a draw

    • Mrs. Ravinggreen

      Yep, getting a result IS the keystone, and that’s why this “should have been a draw” narrative is so frustrating… simply put, Seattle had more ideas and more options than Portland, and that’s why we ended up with the goal. Portland had “slow it down, wait for a chance through Nagbe” as their game plan, and when that didn’t work, they were stuck. Yes, bringing on Adi made a difference, and we were lucky that one chance didn’t go in. But Portland were lucky on three or four of our earlier chances, too, and they came from the Hydra — Neagle, Dempsey, Oba, AND Pappa, even Zack Scott had an excellent chance with a header!, and don’t forget Rose who ended up making the goal finally (finally!!) happen.

      You can chalk the goal up to a “lapse in defense”, David, which is true for that single moment in time, but over the course of the game, Seattle had more and better ideas, and controlled more in the offensive third, and THAT’S why they got (I will NOT say “deserve”) the three points.

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