Seattle Sounders All Shook Up

Now the Seattle Sounders fall apart. Yesterday’s State of the League Roundtable reminded us that the league moves on and the 2014 Sounders are now consigned to history.

DeAndre Yedlin is now very much property of Tottenham Hotspur. Marco Pappa probably played his last game in Rave Green, especially after coach Sigi Schmid called him out by name, again, for not following direction (we remember what happened to Christian Tiffert). And I don’t see a place for journeyman Kenny Cooper going forward.

The MLS expansion draft is exactly a week away. The Sounders will surely be plundered. That’s the bad news. The good news? Well Sigi, GM Adrian Hanauer, and Sporting Director Chris Henderson will scout and add players to the roster. Whether or not the roster will be “better” next year is unknown, but it will be different.

How different is very much in the air. Seattle blew up the lineup following their loss to Los Angeles in the 2012 Western Conference finals. Bye bye Fredie, hello Oba and Clint. The lineup was again shaken up following last season’s abysmal end. Bye bye Eddie, hello Chad Marshall and Pappa. After another season ends without the MLS Cup held aloft in Sodo, does Sigi and company take a scalpel or a chisel to the roster?

Last year the decision was easy because the team had obvious flaws. This offseason the decision will be complicated by the inevitable loss DeAndre Yedlin and the expansion draft. The MLS Expansion Draft allows Orlando City and NYCFC to pick ten players each from the existing MLS rosters. Each team is allowed to protect 11 players (all Generation Adidas players are protected as well), and a team can only lose a maximum of tow players. The Sounders will lose two players. It’s frustrating because we’re good. Good at scouting and good at talent development, and other clubs are going to benefit.

But we’ve never been good enough. Who knows? Maybe the 2015 iteration of the Seattle Sounders, rejiggered with capable replacements and dazzling chemistry, will be the first to raise that Cup.

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