Keith Olbermann and Seattle Sounders’ Q Rating

Happy offseason and holidays folks! Like many of you I’ve been following (American) football a lot lately. Yours truly is enjoying a bittersweet postseason as his beloved Birds finished with a 10-6 record but will watch the playoffs from the couch. The Seattle Seahawks are doing well once again, having locked up the #1 seed in the NFC for the second straight year. Recently the Hawks did receive some bad publicity. This video was sent in by Raving Reader FriarTuck.

Though funny, as a Sounders fan I couldn’t help but be a little miffed by Olbermann’s swift dismissal of the team. Sure in the national consciousness we’re just a blip, but amongst the domestic soccer cognoscenti, the Sounders are legion. Then I remember that this is the same buffoon who repeatedly denounces the world’s favorite sport. The last thing I want is him giving the Sounders love. Besides, “No one likes us! We don’t care!”

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