Seattle Sounders Continue to Falter, Beat Chivas USA 4-2

The Seattle Sounders held onto a sloppy victory over lameduck, and just plain lame, Chivas USA.

Beating Chivas 4-2 at home is not a good result. I am glad we won the three points, but it is totally okay to feel disconcerted following Saturday’s game. I’d like to put the performance in the context of schedule congestion and fatigue. The Sounders were playing their fifth game in sixteen days, with around 6000 miles travelled. With injuries popping up from all that time on, you could frame the result as a good team finding a win to win. But I am not buying that.

Chivas USA is historically bad. The Goats’ attack is impotent. Chivas hasn’t scored in 9 of their last 11 games going back to July. JULY! Only your Seattle Sounders have given up their goals.You can’t frame it as just a result of Cubo Torres’s callup or suspension, or the news of the upcoming hiatus. Chivas has a persistent, endemic scoring problem.

Unless, of course, they are playing a team with a woeful, very bad defense, like the Sounders. A few teams that have kept clean sheets against Chivas: Portland (51 goals against), Colorado (54), Toronto (45). These are teams that ship goals as much or more than Seattle (46 goals against), and yet they somehow found a way to tighten the ship against woeful Chivas. Worse yet, we didn’t just leak a goal but two, on both occasions!?

Our last matchup with Chivas, earlier this month in Carson, I rationalized the goals away. The Sounders were up 4-nil at the half and were coasting. Players were taking it easy, it was a Wednesday game in a near empty stadium, and Chivas’s two goals were the epitome of garbage time. Hell, one was a penalty. Deservedly earned, but still not the result of some defense-breaking attack. But Saturday? Chivas earned their goals. The result was still in doubt and we were playing to win, not coasting. Chivas just countered cleanly and made us look like swiss cheese. Again.

I really want to believe that a normal rhythm, a routine with training and familiar beds and commutes, will get the Sounders back in shape. I want to believe because I am starting to worry.

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