Seattle, New York, Portland, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Dallas: Matchday Prediction Madness

Alrighty Seattle Sounders fans, today is a huge day of soccer. The schedule makers at MLA gifted us with a glorious slate of games, as three have direct playoff (and Cascadia) relevance to the Sounders. And all three start sequentially with no schedule overlap, so in twenty minutes you can plant your butt on the couch and watch soccer for the next seven hours! And every game means something to Seattle’s magical season.

2:00PM: Vancouver Whitecaps at Portland Timbers. I hate the Timbers. Maybe it is the Philly fan deep in my sports DNA, but I enjoy schadenfreude at my rivals’ expense as much as I revel in the joy of my team’s success. I do not want Portland to make the playoffs, or have any joy in Mudville. I want more cryingtimbersfan and cranky hipsters eating tater tots. Let’s hope the RSL tifo artists were right and that last year was a fluke. BUT I don’t want Vancouver to win this matchup. If they did, they’d be in the catbird seat for the Cascadia Cup. Oh the drahmer!

Seattle and Vancouver are tightly locked in the Cascadia Cup standings. But we control our destiny, even if Vancouver wins today. The final Cascadia clash of the season, here on October 10th, is between us and the Caps. I’d like less pressure on that game (seeing as how, oh, we’re pushing for the Shield and MLS Cup, no pressure). If Vancouver draws Portland today, we can draw the game on the 10th and still take the Cup (with the goal differential tiebreaker). So cheer a draw in Stumptown (great part of soccer, you can cheer for draws).

Bold Prediction (aka desperate wish): 2-2 Draw.

4:30PM:Seattle Sounders at New York Redbulls. Read all about it.

&:30PM: FC Dallas travels to Carson to take on the Los Angeles Galaxy. I think it’s easy for any Sounders fan to see we want L.A. to keep dropping points. Sure, I want the Hoops to take it to them, but I can settle for a home draw for the Gals. And added bonus would be that a key Dallas player (Perez, Castillo?) sees red and sits out Wednesday’s game with us.

Bold Prediction: (let’s be real, I am not predicting anything): 1-1 Draw. Perez gets sent off for a flop in the box. Keane misses the PK. Bruce Arena gets pissed and mouths off and loses another 20 grand. L.A.’s management gets pissed at Arena and fires him. L.A. doesn’t win another game for the season! In the offseason, L.A. hires the recently unemployed Caleb Porter to further drive the franchise into the mud. HAHA! I am a mad Nostradamus genius!

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