Clint Dempsey: Rested or Rusty?

A familiar face graced Starfire Sports Complex Wednesday as the Seattle Sounders took to the practice pitch. A face that launched a thousand memes: the Deuce face. Clint Dempsey is back training with his club after a much needed rest that coach Sigi Schmid gave him following the win at Chivas USA. on Friday, a, hopefully, rested and ready Clint Dempsey will take the field in Sodo.

Dempsey needed rest and I am glad he got a little. I would’ve preferred he was given the whole time between Colorado and RSL, but maybe Sigi felt he needed to strike a balance between rest and keeping a rhythm. We don’t want Deuce rusty this Friday for the big clash with the Claret and Cobalt.

Sigi told the media last week, “I’ve given him some additional days off here. Clint and I had spoken about it. We establish here’s a place where we can give you five or six days. When you look around the league at a guy like Matt Besler saying ‘man, I’m tired, I need a break’ I think we’re trying to incorporate that and keep our team going at the same time. We gave Clint a break right after the World Cup, I thought that was necessary, and I think we need to give him a little break here.”

Deuce has been inconsistent scoring-wise ever since coming back form Brazil. He’s working and contributing off the ball, but he lacks that crisp final touch. Sure he has always been a streaky scorer, but this is different. You can see him flagging at the tail-end of games. I can really relate to the supporters who said, why the hell did Sigi play Dempsey in the Chivas game? Dempsey is tired, he has said as much, and was clearly less effective for the second half on Carson. The Sounders need him fresh in November.

Seattle has high, high hopes this season and tired superstars don’t factor into that equation. Remember Oba from late last season? Yeah, neither do I. Martins came over tired from Levante, played two seasons straight and was cooked when we needed him most. The same could happen to Dempsey. A few small spells here and there are not what he needed, he needed a major break. The man has been punching the clock since Christmas. Dempsey’s played in Fulham, Seattle, Brazil and back in Seattle this year.

With Seattle’ crap draw in the stretch run of the season, the Sounders need to squeeze every opportunity out of this team. It goes without saying that Deuce is a key component of the attack. We need him fresh and full of piss and vinegar.

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