USMNT vs Germany

Okay. No more hype. No more hyperbole. In the immortal words of a great American, “Just win (or tie) baby.”

(But if you need some patriotism and swerve and enjoy intelligent yet heavy-handed ideological rap, this oughta pump you up.)

Bold Prediction: The US needs a result. Germany needs a result. I have no idea what is going to happen.

  • Karl Schaeffer

    Way to go out on a limb!

  • Friar Tuck

    AHHHHH, We made it through baby! Easily the happiest I’ve been after a loss. And I am loving seeing MLS players stepping up and holding their own on the world stage.
    Let’s go USA and CONCACAF!!!!

    • For real Tuck! MLS represents as Yedlin and Gonzalez make a huge difference. An CONCACAF bat .750 in the Group Stage with Honduras flaming out. Who says MLS and American soccer is the shallow end of the pool?

      • Friar Tuck

        Totally. Another MLSer who has really been making me proud is Kyle Beckerman. Before the tournament the conventional wisdom was that he was just a bench warming back-up to Jermaine Jones at DM, but him and Jones on the field at the same time has been a revelation. I think he’s a big reason why Jones has been able to get up in the mix and be as influential as he’s been this tourney.

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