Taking a Short Break

Ahoy there Raving Readers! I hope you can all exhale after that thrilling defeat to Germany earlier today because you’ll have to do without your favorite blog for a short while. I am taking a break for the next few days to escape to the internetless world of Belfair.

Actually Belfair has the internet. I once went to a Starbucks there at 9am, bought a banana and an Americano to watch a bootleg stream of the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Tampa Bay Bucs (Nick Foles’s first win in Midnight Green!!) during the abysmal 2012 season.  My wife’s family has a little house out side of town on the shores of Hood Canal (which is neither a hood nor a canal, discuss), and we’re vacationing for a few days.

Belfair does have radio. My wife and I will catch the Sounders-DC United game on an old solid state, wood-paneled White-Westinghouse AM/FM radio (the item is proud of both its solid state and AM/FM capabilities as both are emblazoned on the thing). But I’ll miss tweeting and blogging about the Sounders’ trip to the lesser Washington to face Eddie Johnson and DC United. I’ll be back Monday a post, promise.

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